Kartik Jain, Assistant Professor of Biofluid Dynamics,
Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering,
University of Twente,
The Netherlands
E-mail: k.jain@utwente.nl

Team Members

Doctoral Candidates

  1. Mengyu

    Mengyu Wang
    Computational modeling of flow reversal to understand the etiology of type II endoleaks

  2. Vlogman

    Tristan Vlogman
    A computational model to study and improve the efficacy of particles transport in radioembolization therapy for liver tumours

  3. Rutten

    Lisa Rutten
    (2020--ongoing with Michel Reijnen)
    Optical Coherence Tomography and High-Fidelity Flow Simulations for improved Stent Planning in Femoropopliteal Disease

Master Students

  1. Niek Roorda
    Study of particle mixing during transition to turbulence in a stenosis

  2. Ruben Roozendaal
    (2021-- 2022)
    Fluid mechanics of CSF flow in extracellular spaces

  3. Frank Schermer
    Fluid mechanics of CSF flow in perivascular spaces

  4. Jan van der Hoek
    Computational modeling of flow in the liver vasculature

  5. Koen Busink
    (2021, with Erik Groot Jebbink)
    2D PIV experiments of oscillatory flow in a stenosis

  6. Bas Wessels
    (2020, with Rob Hagmeijer and Rutger Hebbink)
    A Numerical study of the Wash-out effects during Nasal High Flow Therapy using Lattice Boltzmann method

  7. Joris Kaal
    (2020--2021 with Tissuse GmbH)
    PIV experiments and CFD on organ-on-a-chip devices

  8. Dongwei Ye
    (2018, with Prof. Georg May, RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
    A mathematical model of solute transport and oxygen consumption in nephrons

  9. Claudia Bortolussi
    (2018, with Prof. Umberto Morbiducci, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy)
    Computational modeling of flow in the kidney

Bachelor Students

  1. Julia Goris

    (2021--ongoing, University of Twente)
    Computational studies of the influence of catheter in flow field during radioembolization to treat liver cancers

  2. Jana Gericke

    (2016, University of Siegen, Germany)
    Direct numerical simulation of transition to turbulence in pipe flows with varying degree of stenosis using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

  3. Berk Nergiz

    (2018, with Prof. Robert Nelson, ETH Zürich)
    1D computations of flow and oxygen transport in micro-vascular networks